Allow us to introduce ourselves.


We are Malum Innatum, named after the Latin form of “Inbred Evil.” This name felt fitting, because we believe that everyone has their own dark side.

Who is Malum Innatum?


In the beginning an apprenticeship led to a friendship between Bass player Manuel and Keyboarder Adrian. Plans for forming a band were made, and they searched for the missing pieces they needed to turn Malum Innatum into the dark metal entity they envisioned.


They found those pieces in Paddy (guitar-former), LS (drums-former) and Julian (vocals). Our first songs were finally coming together, and soon our shows were able to share our vision with our fans.


With aggressive guitars, precise bass work, technical drumming, atmospheric keyboards and a wrathful growling; the very own sound of Malum Innatum evolved with a life of its own. Our lyrics speak of everything from sinister stories to social criticism, our life and yours. Every song has its own background, which are found in the deepest chasms of reality.


After a few concerts the five of us released Demo-Album “Malum Externum” in 2011, which sold out. In this time, Paddy found his true love and left the band to live with his wife in the USA.Luckily, we found another great guitarist in Roger, completing Malum Innatum once again.


After writing many more songs and playing many concerts, Roger left Malum Innatum in the early 2014 to work on his own individual projects. d just a few weeks later LS left too. This nearly was the end of the band – but Malum Innatum stands up when its knocked down.


Bound by their passion for music, Adrian, Manuel and Julian were looking for new counterparts again, not knowing where their path will lead them to. Simone (guitar) became a complimentary addition to our group, and the four of us searched for our missing drummer. The road was complicated, but in the end it led us to our new drummer, Michael. With the band completed again, our bond is strong and ready to come out rocking harder than ever!


Malum Innatum is currently working on new songs, and will be announcing concerts soon.

Malum Innatum




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