We are Malum Innatum.

The english translation of this latin expression means "inherent evil". Every human beeing has his dark side that he shoul not be charged with. But it shoul be an honor and matter of course to every thinking individual to transform its mistakes into a positive direction. There are some bands flying high and then soon falling deep. Malum Innatum is not among those groups. At the very beginning there was the friendship between Adrian (keys) and Manu (Bass) who got to know each other in professional school. To scheme is easy but the realization demands sacrifices. Adrian and Manu were willing to do and were looking for accomplices. With Paddy (guitar), Julian (vo-kills) and LS (battery) a steady and harmonizing line-up was found. Beside the fact that finding a proper rehearsal room was kind of tricky, the five musical maniacs started to write songs for eternity. Untill now the songs reflect the wide amount of different influences of the dark dressed but musically colourful gang. Heavy guitars, pumping bass lines and diversified drumming meet pompous keyboards and an angry grwoling. An with regard to contents Malum Innatum knows no bounds. Social criticism has his place as well as sarcastic stories which have their origins in the oddities of reality. After several gigs the five friens produced on their own the first demo "Malum Externum" that is nowadays sold out and a wanted rarity in the future. As Paddy found his true love in the USA Malum Innatum had to search for a new guitar player who harmonizes on a personal levell, too. And with Roger Malum Innatum finally found a more than equal successor on the six strings. With this new complete line-up Malum Innatum proof their distinguished qualities as a live band. The work on the debut album are in progress.


The last word has not been spoken, the last riff  has not been played yet.

Malum Innatum