Manu - woofer


I was born in 1989. My childhood was … well, it doesn’t matter.

At the age of 13, my musical preferences changed from mainstream to rocking tunes, from AC/DC and Deep Purple to Led Zeppelin. With 14 years I visited a few concerts of my cousin’s band, in which he played the bass guitar. This was the birth of my fascination of this instrument -  and one year later I got my first four strings for birthday. Without any lessons I learned playing the bass guitar step by step on my own.


During this period I discovered Black Sabbath. This gloomy sound turned my taste in music all of a sudden. First it was Metallica, followed by Children of Bodom untill I discovered my love to Folk and Pagan Metal. Since then this kind of music is coining me. From here it was just a short way to symphonic Black Metal which is today an importent inspiration. Beside that, Ska and newly electronic music  are affecting me in playing.


How it came to Malum Innatum? During my Folk and Pagan Metal period I got to know our keyboard player Adrian at professional school – the rest is history.




Malum Innatum