Odin - Business-General


How it cames for me to be the manager of Malum Innatum?


It startet when I got to know our singer Julian. We came into a conversation and we noticed that we share many opinions. I visited the concerst of the band and made friends with all of them. From the beginning I saw the musical potential of Malum Innatum. We got along better and better and when the boys asked me to become their manager, I did not have one second to think about. From this time on the five guys enthuse me again and again. That’s the reason why I have tattooed the logo on my breath – and I wear it with pride. I’ve made it my task to bring Malum Innatum on the world’s stages.


My musical influences are Viking, Folk and Pagan Metal. In addition the northern religion inspires me. I read the Edda and many other books about the old Gods.


Malum Innatum